How to Find Beauty in the Everyday

A few days ago, my little sis and I were talking about what inspires us, and she said to me: ‘You know Megan, it doesn’t have to be the big things that inspire us to live our best- it can just be simple things that no one else notices.’ I was instantly struck by the wisdom in this statement (coming from a 13-year-old!).

But what my sister said is true- it doesn’t have to be big, life-changing incidents that inspire us to live our best- there is so much beauty in the small things and if we know how to look for it, it can inspire us in ways we couldn’t even imagine!

In this post, I want to encourage you to find happiness, joy and hope in the smallest things in life… to find the beauty in the every day and to be inspired to live at your best by why you see.

In such a fast-paced and demanding society, where we are constantly rushing around from one thing to the next and trying to juggle a multitude of things at once, how can we find time to slow down and seek beauty? Well, the answer is that, in the moment, we can’t always find time for a rest. Of course, sometimes we can- and it is not only good but also necessary to take a break from the intensity of everyday life- but when we can’t, how do we find beauty?

To find beauty and peace in the hustle and bustle of day to day life- even when we can’t slow down-we need to train ourselves to appreciate the little things more. Appreciating the smallest things is what will, ultimately, bring us inspiration and joy, and help us to see the beauty amidst all the business of the day.

For me, starting off my day without a rush is something that I find really helpful. When I can, I get up earlier than I need to, have some quiet time with the Lord, and then get ready for the day without having to rush. This time spent in prayer and taking it slowly helps to give me an energy boost for the day.

Throughout the rest of the day, I try to appreciate the small things- a joke shared with a friend, a good lesson or another assignment handed in. Music lessons, walks and time playing games with my family in the evening. Or even smaller things- a butterfly crossing my path on my way to school, a friendly smile from a neighbour or a whiff of freshly baked cookies when I come into the house. I find that noticing these things leads me back to God, leaving me feeling stronger, more joyful and more inspired.

What my little sis said is true- the things that inspire us and bring us joy don’t have to be big or dramatic- the smallest thing can remind us of the beauty of the world and, most of all, of it’s creator.

Published by Megan

Hey there! I'm Megan, creative lifestyle blogger. I love Jesus, iced coffee, Pinterest, and all things creative! My message is that there is no such thing as perfect and that we can't live our lives chasing perfection because we will never find something that satisfies us as much as life in Jesus does. I aim to inspire people to find their own not-so-perfect and embrace who they are. I blog at where I share my ideas for creative, free living! Feel free to visit my blog and have a look around!

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