Tips for Clear Skin

I am a firm believer that women do not need makeup of any kind to look beautiful or to feel confident. Don’t get me wrong- I have nothing against makeup at all, and no problem with wearing it. On the contrary, I think it’s pretty cool and fun. But what I don’t like is how some girls and women often feel like they have to wear it to look pretty or feel confident.

I get it though- I like to keep my skin clean and glowing as much as possible, I just hate seeing girls worry about how they look when they’re not wearing makeup. That’s why, in this post, I will share my top five tips for keeping your skin squeaky clean and as clear and possible. I hope that it might encourage someone somewhere to feel more confident in their own skin and know that they don’t need makeup to look beautiful.

A few of my skincare personal faves

My top five skincare tips:

  • Drink water

There is nothing better to drink to clear your skin than water. Forget everything you’ve ever read about magical fruit juices and smoothies- water is simply the best liquid for clear skin- nothing beats it! Drinking at least 2 litres of water each day can help to flush out toxins from the bloodstream which helps keep your skin smooth and clear.

  • Wash your face regularly

Washing your face at least once a day (twice if possible) removes all the grime, sweat and grease from your pores. I like to start by using lukewarm water because it effectively removes dirt but doesn’t dry out your skin as hot water would. Afterwards, I like to wipe it down with colder water to tighten my pores again.

  • Use moisturiser

Moisturiser has several benefits, and I like to use it every day to keep my face soft and hydrated. It’s main use it helping to prevent your skin from drying out or treating your skin if it is already dry. It does this either by holding moisture into your skin to prevent it from drying out or by adding moisture to the outer layer of your skin.  As well as moisturizer I like to use a few other skincare products like face masks once or twice a week and toner spray most days.

  • Exercise and sleep well

Taking care of your general health is also important for looking after your skin. Exercising regularly gets the blood pumping around your body which helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to you face. Getting enough sleep is also important because your face makes new collagen (one of the main proteins in the skin) when you sleep.

  • Avoid touching

Finally, a pretty simple one and something you’ve probably heard a lot during this pandemic- avoid touching! If you avoid touching your skin as much as possible, you will be avoiding transferring grease and grime and germs to your skin. This is good for your health because it makes you less likely to transfer germs into your body and get sick, however, it is also important for keeping your skin clear and squeaky clean!

Although I don’t always follow all five of these tips, I find that the more I try and stick to them, the more I am looking after my skin! Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful for your own skincare routines!

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4 thoughts on “Tips for Clear Skin

  1. I’m going to be honest and say I’ve not been the best with drinking water! I used to be a pro at staying hydrated but now that habit has fallen to the wayside. For my skincare routine I use a foaming micellar, rosewater and watermelon seed cleanser from Alya Skin. Then I’ll use a coffee scrub and charcoal cleanser from aussie brand Frank Body. They’ve been my go to for three years now. I always go back to them because they get real results for my skin. You can’t beat that! Afterwards, I’ll use my Alya Skin native berries moisturiser. A few times a week I’ll use a pink clay mask. This does wonders for detoxifying your skin and tightening pores!


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    1. I know… me too! I go through phases sometimes where I’m less consistent with drinking enough water than I am at other times. And ooh, your skin care routine sounds so so good, I’m going to have to look some of that up right away! Thank you for the recommendations!!!


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