How to Throw a Stunning Breakfast Banquet

Freshly baked muffins… meats… fruit salad… steamy scrambled eggs… fresh smoothie… ripe and juicy avocado… home-baked bread- have you heard of a breakfast more delicious? I sincerely doubt it!

Breakfast is one of the three best meals of the day (yes, I know 😉) and I don’t think I could love it more, especially one with a never-ending spread of more and more goodness. A delicious, nourishing meal with a cacophony of exotic flavours? Yes please!

Recently, I threw a breakfast banquet for my family and I thought it would be fun to share just exactly how to throw your own stunning banquet like this. Read on for menus, table settings, tips and more!

The first thing I did for my breakfast banquet was to decide on the menu. I wanted it to be a deliciously colourful spread with a range of breakfast goodness, so I got to work on my menu. This is what I picked, but you could have absolutely anything you wanted… and more! The joy of this buffet banquet is that people can pick and choose the foods they want, so if everything on your table doesn’t match, that’s fine!

– Blueberry Muffins

– Fresh Bread

– Bacon

– Scrambled eggs

– Fruit salad

– Yoghurt

– Granola

– Avocado

– Fresh smoothie

– Orange Juice

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it! If you’re not a fan of my menu, here are a few more ideas you could include:

– Omelette

– Pancakes

– Waffles

– Croissants

– Porridge

– Grapefruit quarters

– Hash browns

– Sausages

I decided on my menu and bought my ingredients a couple days before the meal so that I wasn’t rushing around the morning of.

The next thing I did was to set the table- I actually did this the night before. I went for a very simple table setting with no table cloth and just silverware, plates, glasses and napkins. I had a few candles in the middle of the table, but I didn’t include any twinkle lights or foliage like I originally planned to- since I figured the table would look pretty full with all the ingredients on it. If you have a bigger table, however, you might want to add some extra decorations. Alternatively, you could have all the dishes somewhere else- like a kitchen island- and then you could have a bigger centrepiece on the table.

As I said, I kept my table setting really simple, but you could add name cards, placemats, flowers, or basically anything else.

The morning of, I moved on to the cooking. You’ll need to work out which order to cook everything in, working to the time of when your banquet is. I started roughly two hours before, just to make sure I could fit everything in.

The first thing I made where my blueberry muffins, using the delicious recipe here. I have used this recipe a bunch of times and seriously, I could not recommend it more! It has never once gone wrong and my muffins always turn our springy and delicious. However, when I follow the recipe, I use Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream and a little less sugar. I also make my own streusel topping, which is just a little quicker, but this one works fine too.

Here are the muffins I made… I love them so much!

After the muffins, I make my fruit salad by simply chopping up I bunch of fruits I had. I think I used kiwi, strawberries, grapes, apple and satsuma. I dressed it with a splash of lime juice to keep everything nice a fresh, as well as to add an extra little tang.

Next, came the smoothie. This was also pretty simple but took a little more time because I was blending it up for 6 people. All I did was chop up my frozen fruits (cherry, peach, blueberry) and add my fresh banana, yoghurt and milk. One thing I would say if you decide to make a smoothie is to make one you’re familiar with. For me, I chucked in a bunch of random frozen fruits, and although it tasted fine, it wasn’t the best smoothie I’d ever made!!

Once I’d made this, I put in the bacon, took the bread out of the bread maker from the night before, scrambled the eggs. I also scooped the yoghurt and granola into bowls and sliced the avocado.

As it got closer to banquet time, I started putting my dishes on the table and adding the last few finishing touches… the condiments, the drinks, and lighting the candles.

When everything was ready, my table looked so colourful and full of goodness! I think it’s fair to say that everyone enjoyed the food too!

This banquet was such a fun little project for a weekend morning… I loved cooking everything and enjoying a meal with my family!

Hopefully, you can take some inspiration from my banquet and use it to throw your very own!

Published by Megan

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  1. Great post!! I love your ideas!! Those muffins look SO good!
    (You should add “recent posts” to your footer widget, if you can. I think it performs really well for people being able to find a post they’re interested in, and then there’s a higher probability of them following your blog.)

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    1. Thank you so much Makayla!
      (And thank you… I will definitely look into that, I’m not great at knowing what to do with wordpress so i’m after all the advice I can get 😂)

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