My Word for 2021: Live

Wow… can you believe we’re almost three weeks into 2021?! Crazy… I know! Seeing how long it’s been since this year has started, I appreciate that this post is a little overdue, but I thought it would be fun to share anyway!

I don’t know about you, but back at the beginning of January my Instagram, Pinterest and even WordPress feeds were choc-a-block with people posting about their ‘word’ for the new year. I decided I wanted to have a word for the year and came up with mine pretty quickly, but I haven’t shared it until now.

In case this concept is new to you, let me explain briefly. The word that you pick for the year is something you want to focus on, do more of, become, or live out. It’s like your motto… your anthem… for the next twelve months. It can be something you pray about often, and something you try to do or implement into your life.

So anyway, I put a lot of thought into picking my word, but at the end of the day, I brought it right back home to something really simple.


Reading this, you may find this a little bit of a funny word for me to pick to live by in 2021: ‘live’.

But towards the end of last year, I came to a realisation. For a lot of that year, I hadn’t really lived.

By now, you’re probably thinking- ‘Megan, what on earth are you on about!’ Because of course I was living, breathing, talking and walking all of last year.

So I lived, but I didn’t live.

I didn’t face time my friends when we didn’t see each other at school for three months. I didn’t run or walk outside every day. I didn’t read my Bible every day or work on my relationship with the Lord. I didn’t read enough books or write any stories. I didn’t walk the dog enough. I didn’t make art. I didn’t put Jesus first every day of my life, and I certainly didn’t wake up with a grateful heart every morning.

Instead, I counted down the days until summer, scrolled through Pinterest and wanted Netflix.

Okay, my whole year wasn’t like that. I had lots of fun with my precious friends when I did get to see them. I had one of the best camping trips of my life and had so, so much fun on holiday with my fam in Wales. I have so many happy memories and good times too, but I do have my share of regrets.

I didn’t embrace everything that 2020 threw at me, and that’s left me wishing I’d done things differently.

I learnt a lot from 2020. You can’t predict the future. You really can’t. Life will throw you a heck of a lot of curveballs, and you just gotta catch them and move on. And when something unexpected does come your way, you have to take it in your stride as best you can. Embrace it, deal with it, bring it to Jesus, but don’t let it make you stop loving life.

So yes, I do have regrets from 2020, but I can’t change anything that happened in the past. All I can do is learn from 2020 and focus on living in 2021.

And what will that look like?

Well, for starters, Jesus first. In everything I do, everywhere I go and every word I speak I really do want to try and be as best a reflection of Jesus as I can be. I want to prioritise my quiet time with Jesus. And after that, I want to prioritise other people. I want to be as selfless and as loving as I can be. I want to wake up each morning with a big, thankful heart and a passion to make the most of the day, whatever it has in store for me.

That is how I want to live in 2021.

Published by Megan

Hey there! I'm Megan, creative lifestyle blogger. I love Jesus, iced coffee, Pinterest, and all things creative! My message is that there is no such thing as perfect and that we can't live our lives chasing perfection because we will never find something that satisfies us as much as life in Jesus does. I aim to inspire people to find their own not-so-perfect and embrace who they are. I blog at where I share my ideas for creative, free living! Feel free to visit my blog and have a look around!

8 thoughts on “My Word for 2021: Live

  1. Aaaah Megan, what a refreshing post! I love your word for the year, and it’s so great that you’re prioritising Jesus first! I feel like in the last few months I’ve been confronted with a lot of learning situations and faith hurdles that have taken me to the place you are now too – where we both realize that God is what matters first, before anything WE might want to do. I’ll be praying for you and your faith journey!! 🤗
    (Hey, do you want to email? I should warn you, I normally take several days to a week to answer, but it would be fun to get to know you more!) Lots of love, sister! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youuu Makayla!! I definitely think feels great to start putting Jesus first again- so refreshing, like you said! It’s kind of like ‘what was I thinking these past few months? 😂’.
      Thank you for your prayers, I’ll be praying for you too! 💛
      (And yes! I would absolutely love to email- don’t worry, I usually take my time to answer too! How about you email to my blog email first- it’s on my contact page- and then I can send you my personal email from there? unless you have another idea!) 💛✨

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      1. Sure thing! (And aaaahh, thank you for your prayers too!! I think prayer is SO powerful, although we might not realize it at first!)

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  2. Always and forever inspired by your love for God and dedication to living in his image! I can see that it brings you a lot of faith, hope and strength to carry out your days as they were planned for you. You’re such a wonderful writer and I could resonate with a lot of what you’ve said. In many ways I did enjoy twenty twenty because I got to do more of the relaxed, laidback things that I prefer as a mostly introverted sort. My boyfriend and I were able to spend more time with each other as our schedules cleared, I began a host of new projects, began writing on my blog with an increased schedule and did a complete site overhaul!

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    1. Thank you sweet Maryam, you’re too lovely!! It really does help me feel passionate about life and purpose filled knowing that God loves me and is right beside me!
      I’m so glad that you found enjoyment and time to relax last year, that sounds so refreshing! And it’s also so lovely that you had more time to put into your blog (which I just love reading by the way!)
      2020 really was an interesting but I’m leaning more and more that it definitely had a purpose!


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