Smoothie Bowl Dump

Hey, hello, sweet friends! How are you doing today! I can’t believe it’s still only Wednesday, how is your week going?

Here in London, spring has definitely arrived- it’s a lot milder outside and the cherry trees are just beginning to blossom! With the change in weather has come a change in other things too- fewer winter clothes, more outdoor activities and different foods- most namely breakfast! The winter just seemed a little too cold for smoothies and refrigerated food first thing in the morning, but now spring is here smoothie bowls are back on the table (literally)!

So, since smoothie weather has finally come back around, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my latest smoothie bowl creations! If you’re at all unfamiliar with the art of smoothie bowls, I have two posts here and here that cover the basics and how to make your smoothies thicker! Be sure to check them out for some background reading if you’re unsure before you dig into this post!

Blueberry, frozen mango and banana bowl

Getting right into it, one of my favourite smoothie bowls at the moment is frozen blueberry, frozen mango and banana. I love how this combines berries- a little more wintery- with mango- a super summery fruit- making it perfect for spring! We don’t have many dairy alternatives in my house 😦 so I just used regular milk, but this bowl would be really nice with almond milk!

I usually top this bowl with a big spoonful of frozen blueberries, shredded coconut, and chia seeds, but really you could put tons of different things on top of it! Other berries (raspberries, blackberries, so on) would be delicious too, as would a handful of granola or toasted oats!

Mango, banana bowl

A second favourite of mine, and a new addition to my recipes, was suggested to me by my cousin (so C, if you’re reading this, thank you!!). This bowl is utterly delicious and makes me all the more excited for summer! The base ingredients are frozen mango, banana, coconut milk and a secret ingredient… a dash of turmeric! The smoothie is incredibly creamy and smooth… I just love it! I like to use tinned coconut milk- I use mostly the thicker part, with just a dash of the syrupy/liquidy part to help everything blend together better.

I tend to top this bowl with frozen raspberries, shredded coconut, and chia seeds. You may be noticing a pattern in my favourite toppings, haha!

Berry kiwi bowl

Another new favourite of mine is a simple mixed berry bowl with… wait for it… a kiwi!!! I love how this fruit adds an extra little tang to the normal berry and banana bowl! I use frozen mixed berries from the mixed bag I have in the freezer- this include raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, red currents and black currents, however, you could use practically any kind of berry you liked. Then I use a fresh banana and a diced kiwi! Like with the first smoothie bowl, I just use regular milk, but almond or coconut would also be really nice in this bowl!

I like to top add some yoghurt on the top of this bowl (although I didn’t in this pic). I also add a satsuma, a sprinkling of chia seeds, and some oats or shredded coconut. Pomegranate would also be a lovely addition to the top of this bowl. I find that adding lots of toppings- especially things like oats/ granola add a lovely texture to the bowl!

Well, that’s it, sweet friends- my three newest spring themes smoothie bowls. Thank you for putting up with yet another smoothie bowl inspired post, haha! Let me know your favourite smoothies in the comments below!

Happy smoothie bowl making!

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23 thoughts on “Smoothie Bowl Dump

  1. Mm! Yum! My favorite smoothie is a banana berry one. We use all frozen fruit, so it makes them super thick. i have an idea for you! Try Orange juice instead of milk in your smoothies. It gives it a wonderful tang!

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    1. Oooh i love frozen berries with banana- and i love how thick using frozen banana makes them too! the thicker the better, but i always forget to freeze bananas so i always end up using fresh! 😂 wow, i love the idea of using orange juice… thank you so much, i will certainly try that out next time we have some OJ in the house!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We always freeze bananas when they start to turn brown. A good idea is to take off the peel and freeze them in a plastic bag. It makes it super easy to grab and dump into smoothies!
        I’m glad you like the idea! We hardly ever use milk anymore in smoothies!

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        1. That is so smart, thank you Haley! I’m actually going to the store tomorrow so I’ll pick up some more bananas and freeze them. I feel like my smoothie bowls are taking a whole new turn!!! 🤗


  2. Oooh, these pics look so good!! 😍 I loove smoothies, and I love all your smoothie bowls wrote, so keep them coming! Whenever I try to take pics of my smoothies, I can never get the right angle, or it looks weird in the lighting … ugh!! 😂🤣 (You inspire me with how you take pics of your food! *facepalm*) Anyhoo, great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahah, thank youuu! I’m so glad you’re not bored of all the smoothie bowl content… 😂 and I’m flattered to be an inspiration, bahaha 😂😂 and believe me, light and angle are a major issue in about 97% of the photos I take whoops lol, but thank you for reading Makayla💛

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  3. I absolutely love smoothies! But I haven’t ever tried a smoothie bowl, I might have to try that sometime. And If you ever want to post on them again I’d love to hear ideas for cheap smoothies and making them with whatever you have on hand. We don’t usually buy berries, mango, or other more expensive and exotic fruits because of our family size and even avocados are saved for my baby sister or if Mom needs it for a recipe. Anyways, all that to say any cheap ingredient smoothie ideas would be much appreciated!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you should totally try a smoothie bowl, they’re so much fun!! And thank you for the post idea, I really love it! Sometimes I randomly throw in things like apple chucks or orange slices, but I never freeze them so I don’t ever think to add them to my ‘recipes’. But I love the idea of doing a post about using whatever you have lying around- i 100% will work on this soon! Thank you, Grace! 🤗❤️

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          1. Banana, a few blueberries, spinach, yogurt, and a splash of orange juice. It was quite good! And no I didn’t get the OJ idea from Haley’s comment, but I totally agree with it! It’s very good in smoothies! 😉

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          2. ooh that sounds so good!! i love using spinach because it’s so good for but the taste isn’t too overpowering and can easily be masked by something stronger like OJ!

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  4. These look so incredibly delicious! Funnily enough, I’ve only tried any sort of smoothie/acai bowl once! Mainly I just have greek yoghurt with honey, strawberries and oats. Passionfruit and mango on the top sound amazing and very summery- will have to give it a crack soon! x

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    1. Ah, thank you lovely Maryam! Greek yoghurt strawberry oat bowl sounds so SO good… i’m going to have to try that! Yes, you should totally try some more smoothie bowls… they’re a lot of fun! x


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