Life Update + Photo Dump

Hey, hello and howdy, friends! How are you all doing today? How are you enjoying the beginnings of spring? How have you been doing?

Personally, I’ve been ever so busy with school these past couple of months. These next five or so weeks before I get done for the summer (unusually early this year) and going to be very busy and tiring but I’ve been wanting to do a lil’ life update so I found a spare everything to get to it!

Gosh, where do I even start? Things are very slowly beginning to return to a little bit of ‘normal’ which has been SO wonderful. My family and I have been able to have friends and family into our garden for meals and bonfires which has been just heavenly! I’ve been able to see some friends too, and I’ve been making the absolute most of the gloriously fresh spring feeling in the air!

We had spring/ Easter break for a couple weeks after Easter, and whilst I was busy studying over a lot of it, I managed to see some friends, and my grandparents too! Seeing friends involved lots of Starbucks, lots of lovely walks and some sushi too… (yum!!)

As for the weather, well here in London it’s starting to get quite beautiful! It does keep changing- today had been cold, but the sun has been out and the sky has been blue. Blossom trees are in full bloom or else exploding into vibrant bushes of green. The buttery colours of the daffodils are being replaced by the brighter hues of tulips- purples, reds, yellows… they’re just beautiful! And as for the sunsets… they’ve been just heavenly!

School started back from the break last Monday (despite my fervent hoping it would be pushed to Tuesday, but nope- it was still Monday!), and it has been so nice to sit under the bright, bright sun and enjoy lunch with my friends. I have been treasuring the little moments with my precious friends lately: the laughs; the inside jokes; the trips to the outdoor sinks to wash our hands; the buying ‘sad cake’ at lunch time; the walking to lessons together and giggling all the way; and absolutely everything in between. After this summer lots of us will be at different schools so I’m determined to make these last five weeks ones I’ll never forget!

And something else that started back just today was my band rehearsals! I’ve had zoom band meetings over the past year and a bit, and on a few occasions we’ve even been able to have very small gatherings of everyone of the same instrument. But today was a proper (very small, but still proper) band rehearsal and it was so much fun!

Blogging has been going pretty good too… I’ve pretty much been living off draft posts for the past few weeks because I’ve been so busy with school (you fellow bloggers know how it is, haha) but I feel I’ve managed to keep up with it recently! And a blog highlight from this past weekend was having the awesome Leah from her blog Faith Filled You guest post here! If you haven’t read her post, drop everything and go check it out now… it is so good! Other than that though, I don’t have much news! Make sure to stay tuned for exciting posts coming up as school slows down in a few weeks time and summer arrives! (Oh, and if you want to hear from me once more than you already do every month, go join my mailing list- find the sign up on the bottom of the home page!)

That’s about it from me, sweet friend, but tell me, how about you? How have you been? What have you been up to? What have you been listening to? Watching? Reading? Eating? Enjoying? Let me know down below- let’s chat!!

So now I’ve shared all my news, a lil’ photo dump for you! I’ve collected a few favourites from the past couple of weeks, so here you have it: my life in pictures!

a spring break highlight: starbucks with a lovely friend
and a last day of school highlight from before the break: sushi and doritos in the park with my friends! (enjoy the doritos pic- i had to crop out our school uniforms!)
the sunsets in spring are beautiful
like i said… beautiful!
did a little photo shoot in the park with some sweet friends; here it is gone wrong…
… and here it is gone right (+ edited!)
i thought it was about time i introduced my precious puppy to y’all on the blog: this is Cooper T.D. (The Dog) perching casually in the bluebells the day before his 1st birthday! i’m a proud mama!
a beautiful spring field we stumbled across on a walk
admiring the same field with my lil’ sis
drew this cuties on my chalk wall and then look who came shining through the window!
planted sunflowers! you can see beatrice (bea for short) sprouting in the purple pot! this photo was a couple of days ago and they;re all doing really good now!

So there you have it, friends! A little life update and lil’ photo dump! I hope you enjoyed… this was such a fun post to put together! Don’t forget to chat with me in the comments, I always love to hear from you!

Much love, sweet friend!

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Hey there! I'm Megan, creative lifestyle blogger. I love Jesus, iced coffee, Pinterest, and all things creative! My message is that there is no such thing as perfect and that we can't live our lives chasing perfection because we will never find something that satisfies us as much as life in Jesus does. I aim to inspire people to find their own not-so-perfect and embrace who they are. I blog at where I share my ideas for creative, free living! Feel free to visit my blog and have a look around!

10 thoughts on “Life Update + Photo Dump

  1. Hey Megan!! I’ve been doing well, it’s so good to hear that you have been too! Lately I’ve been fast-tracking Grade 11, which is going amazing! (And picking up Geometry again … it’s time. *sighs*) XD I’m reading in Leviticus right now, and I’m almost in Numbers! And of course, making chocolate mint cookie dough (honestly, the dough tastes better than the cookies themselves! *guilty face* 🤣 We’ve set up the volleyball net already, in spite of the trees only just barely beginning to show their buds, and played with our old volleyball because we couldn’t find the new ones. The old one is SO hard, and every time one of us hit the volleyball we yelled “ow!” It was comical to see, but rather painful! *rubs arm* 😆 (Omigoodness, your photos are so beautiful!!! Especially the one with cutie Cooper in the bluebells, awww!! And I love your shirt in the park pics!! It looks so comfy AND stylish!)

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    1. Hey Makayla! I’m so glad that you’re doing good! Ooh geometry 😫 not fun! Wow, I think in a post a while back you mentioned you were going to try and read the Torah this month- so it sounds like that’s going good! Oh you’ve just made me so hungry for cookie dough- that sounds SO good!! 😋 Haha, I can imagine that they volleyball scene would be quite funny to watch 😂 but it’s so fun that you’re outside more now, I’m so excited for summer when it will be so warm! (Ahaha, thank you! I thought it was about time I introduce Cooper on here 😂! And thank you, I got the shirt as a hand me down from someone, and it’s definitely super comfy!) Thank you for your sweet comment, Makayla, it made me smile as always! 😂💕

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      1. Aw, awesome! Yep, I’m excited to be slowly but surely working through the Bible (in Numbers now! 😅) You bet! This post was super fun to read!! 🤗

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    1. Aw thank you, hehe! 💕
      Yes, it is a lyric from the Beatles song- that song always gets me so excited for summer so I thought it was fitting! Thank you for reading and commenting Haley! 💛

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