What I’ve Been up to this Summer + Photo Dump!

Friends, I cannot believe it but I’m more than a month into my summer! How crazy is that!? Summer is 105% my favourite season of the year, and being off school for so long this year makes it even better! I’ve been having so much fun not having to do anything for school, so how could I not do a post about what I’ve been up to and what my upcoming plans are!?

Since school finished I’ve honestly just been having so much fun relaxing! I haven’t seen my friends every day and I haven’t done any massive day trips or anything, but it’s been so fun to not have to worry about school and to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want!

The weather at the moment isn’t great, it’s kind of grey and wet… it’s rained quite a bit this week already which hasn’t been great, but hopefully the sun will come back soon. The first couple of weeks of summer were so glorious, the skies were blue every single day and the sun was so big and warm!

I like to think I make the most of the ‘heatwave’ before the weather returned to the typical British summer weather… I had a bunch of picnics with my friends, I went on walks and days out, I did lots of baking and ate lots of breakfasts outside. One of my favourite days was a trip to London with my family to visit a new Vincent Van Gough exhibition that is there temporarily… the main part of the exhibition was a presentation set to music of his paintings in chronological order projected onto massive screens all the way around the room we were it. Which ever way you turned you could see different parts of the painting which was very cool!

Another highlight has been spending time with my friends. A couple of weeks ago we threw a surprise picnic for another friend for her birthday and we themed it pink (her favourite colour)!! We made a pink cake and had pink fruit, pink (or sort of red) veg, pink crisps, pink sweets, pink cookies, pink muffins and everything else pink! It was so much fun!

My family and I are hoping we’ll be able to go visit our family in Michigan in about four weeks’ time, so that is the next big thing I’m looking forward to. Before then, however, I’m spending the night away with my grandma, throwing a dip night with my friends, and planning days out, sleepovers and movies nights with other friends too!

I could tell you all about the things I’ve been up to recently, but I thought it would be way less boring if I added some pictures instead… here you have it, friends, a (mini) photo dump of what I’ve been doing recently!

morning quiet time outside
beautiful view on a picnic with my grandma
most gorgeous summer flowers
the pink picnic!!
chasin’ sunsets
art days
gelupo gelato
the van gough exhibition… how pretty!
a yellow one
peep the matching shoes
cookie dough cheescake
ice cream night
and finally these two just in case you couldn’t tell….

… i’m REALLY happy it’s summer!

That’s all for now, sweet friends, but tell me, what have you been up to recently? What have your favourite summer things been so far? I love love love chatting with you in the comments!

Happy summer!

Published by Megan

Hey there! I'm Megan, creative lifestyle blogger. I love Jesus, iced coffee, Pinterest, and all things creative! My message is that there is no such thing as perfect and that we can't live our lives chasing perfection because we will never find something that satisfies us as much as life in Jesus does. I aim to inspire people to find their own not-so-perfect and embrace who they are. I blog at notsoperfectblog.com where I share my ideas for creative, free living! Feel free to visit my blog and have a look around!

22 thoughts on “What I’ve Been up to this Summer + Photo Dump!

  1. Megan, your joy over summer is making me happy! It must be contagious. Which is a good thing. It sounds like you are having SUCH a great summer! Thanks for sharing! I had a lot of fun reading!

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    1. Eek I’m so glad, that makes me OVER THE MOON level happy, thank you Grace! I hope you’re having a good summer too, have you done anything fun or summery recently? 💛

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      1. Lol, ur welcome! 😂
        Actually not really. I’ve just been doing Bible Bee 100% of the time. But I helped out at a Christian Camp last week with the food and kitchen stuff. That wasn’t really fun, but somewhat summery… 🤷

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        1. Oh yes, Bible Bee sounds so much fun, you’ll have to talk about it in a post towards the end of the summer! Aw, and helping out in the kitchen sounds fun (and definitely summery) too!! 😝

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  2. Love your Bible verse art! You could sell those! And cookie dough cheesecake! Yum! My summer has been work centered. Unfortunately, once you get out of school you no longer have summers off… but I am looking forward to a vacation with my husband in August. We’re going to road trip to see some friends and then spend a few days “just the two of us” in one of our favorite spots 🙂 thanks for sharing your sunny highlights!

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    1. Thank you, that’s so sweet! Oh yes, the cookie dough cheesecake was heavenly!! Ah, I can’t imagine a work centered summer to be the best thing ever (I’m definitely not looking forward to that in the future!) but a vacation will be so nice… definitely something so look forward to! Thank you for reading and commenting, sweet friend! 💛

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  3. Such a cute post!! I have a end of the month update/photo dump in my drafts that I have been uninspired to do 😅 but this definitely helped!!

    And yes! I absolutely agree that summer is the best! I haven’t done to much, the most summery thing I can think to have done is hanging out on the trampoline with my friends And singing karaoke at the top of our lungs until we lost our voices! It was a fun day 💛 I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Much love, Allie 🌱

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    1. Ahah, thank you! And I’m glad this helped, I can’t wait to read your photo dump!! (That wasn’t a great choice of words lol but you know what I mean… see your photo dump or read your month update)

      Oh my gosh that sounds so fun! It’s so cool that you have a trampoline… that’s one thing I’ve always really wanted in the garden… I would love to be able to do trampoline sleepovers and things! Haha, karaoke is so fun too!

      Have a wonderful week too, Allie, and thank you for reading and commenting! 💛

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  4. This was such a lovely post, Megan! It’s so happy and summery! It seems like you’re having a great break so far!

    I miss school a lot since I’m a workaholic (not totally proud of that though haha), but it has been nice to get back into my hobbies. So far, I have being doing the National Bible Bee Summer Study, lots of reading, going through recordings for Algebra II + Chemistry (I have to keep my mind academically active somehow!), and making smoothie bowls.

    I hope to do more towards the end of my break since by then Bible Bee and the Qualifying Test for it will be over, but I don’t know what yet! I have a little less than two months to think about it though!

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    1. Thank you Heaven, I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

      Haha, some parts of school are nice so I get why you would miss it (plus summer is so looong!!) Ooh but is sounds like you’ve been keeping yourself super occupied since school got done anyway, the Bible Bee sounds really really fun and smoothie bowls is awesome too!!

      Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your break, whatever else you get up to!! 💛💛

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  5. Amazing pics, amazing plans, and amazing picnics! XD I’ve been swimming and getting sunburned, so that’s been quite, well, interesting! 🤣 I’m excited to do some hiking, swimming, and hanging out with people this summer, hopefully eating lots of ice cream and picking berries, and staying mostly cool! I’m doing Ecclesiastes 2:24 – eating yummy food, drinking in the sun, and working hard! (That pink 16th birthday party set-up looks AWESOME, and can I say, I just love how curly and luscious your hair is! 😂)

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    1. ah, swimming and sunburn sounds oh so summery and refreshing (although maybe the sunburn not so much, come to think of it XD ) Oh, that all sounds like pure bliss, Makayla, honestly, berry picking, hiking, ice cream, swimming, it sounds like the best summer!! (haha thank you, the picnic was pretty fun! and thank you, that’s so sweet!! 😂💕💛🤗)

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  6. Ah, your upcoming trip to Michigan sounds so lovely Megan! Over here in Australia we’ve got a travel ban and they’ll be lifting it incrementally. Progress is seeming slow though with all the national border closures! I know we’ll get there eventually though. Just need to keep some delayed gratification.

    So glad you enjoyed the Van Gogh exhibition! I actually have a post and Instagram video on my trip there. It was so incredible. I didn’t know it was international but it seems they’ve done some travelling! It was just so immersive and gave me a better insight into this great artist’s life and mind. This idea of a tortured artist. As somebody wise once said, grief and joy and love all exist on the same spectrum. We feel so deeply because our passion exists.

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    1. Aw, thank you Maryam, yes, we’re very much looking forward to it! Indeed, progress with not just the travel bans but all the covid regulations does seem awfully slow, but it’s definitely for the best, and it will certainly make it all the sweeter when everything is back to normal!

      Oh my, I didn’t know the Van Gough exhibition travelled either… that’s so cool, it seems it made its way round the world and eventually ended up in London! Yes, the whole experience was so deeply moving and real! Incredible! xx


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