Day In The Life + Something Fun!


This is a post you are NOT going to want to miss!

Okay, I hope you’re hooked now because I’ve got something so, SO exciting to share with y’all at the end of this post! First, though, I’ve been thinking forever that it would be super fun to do a lil’ day in the life! A few weeks back, I put a ‘what do ya wanna see on the blog?’ question box on my Instagram and a bunch of you said a day in the life… so here we are! That said, I do realize not all of you guys follow me on Instagram, so if you’d like to drop anything you’d like to see on the blog down in the comments below, that would be great!

Anyway, last week I was self-isolating with covid, which meant a ton of cancelled plans but a lot of unexpected free time to compensate! I spent the week chilling out, writing, reading, and watching tonnns of movies! By my last day of isolation I was feeling practically back to normal (not that I’d been that sick at all) so I figured it would be fun to snap a few pics throughout the day to put together a little ‘day in the life’ of a relaxing, ‘fall-tumnal’ day in my life!

Here goes!

breakfast: porridge and fried apples
coffee + bible time
fit check!
some lunch time entertainment
lit this candle
cute pumpkins on our table
dinner (+ more dawsons creeks)
coffee, of course
it was a beautiful fall day!
lunch: avo toast with veggies!
lots of water!
cuddles with the pooch
blogged and organized my spotify
dessert (+ even more dawsons creek)

Well, there you have it, friends! A cosy, relaxing day in my life! Tell me down below, what are your favourite things to do to relax and to take a day (or eight, in my case) out from everyday life??

Now for the exciting news… the bit we’ve both been waiting for!!
So I don’t know if I ever mentioned this (I did for sure on my Instagram) on here, but for a few months now, I’ve been a part of the team for a ministry called The Wilting Rose Project, managing their Instagram stories and occasionally writing for them. (Here’s a post of mine they published on their blog way back before the summer, and I have another one on its way in a few weeks!)

The Wilting Rose Project is a wonderful ministry with a heart for encouraging girls and women in Christ and reminding them that they are so much more valuable than they know. The message behind everything we post on the blog and social media is that even if you feel wilted, worn out and exhausted, you are NOT worthless. Their target audience is pretty much the same as mine, teen girls and young women, so chances are that if you’re reading this now, you’d love The Wilting Rose Project!

I have love, love, loved being a part of their team, and I’m so pumped because I get to share with you something new that a few of the girls who are part of the team there have been working on… a devotional! And get this: IT’S FREE, BEAUTIFUL AND PRINTABLE!!

The devotional is based on John 4 and begins with this question: have you ever felt broken beyond repair? Friend, if this all sounds like something you’d love to get your hands on (and remember, it’s totally, utterly, 100% free) then all you need to do is sign up using to their email newsletter (the sign up box in on the right hand side of this page here) and wait for the devo to arrive straight into your inbox!

Eeek, if you can’t tell, I am SO excited about this!

Well, there it is! The exciting news AND a little day in the life to go with it!

Much love, friend,

Published by Megan

Hey there! I'm Megan, creative lifestyle blogger. I love Jesus, iced coffee, Pinterest, and all things creative! My message is that there is no such thing as perfect and that we can't live our lives chasing perfection because we will never find something that satisfies us as much as life in Jesus does. I aim to inspire people to find their own not-so-perfect and embrace who they are. I blog at where I share my ideas for creative, free living! Feel free to visit my blog and have a look around!

9 thoughts on “Day In The Life + Something Fun!

  1. Your photos are all so pretty!!! I always love seeing them!

    My favorite ways to relax are writing, listening to music, baking brownies, and watching a movie with my family.

    I’ll have to look into Wilted Rose! I read your article, and it was so lovely and encouraging.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Rebekkah! That’s definitely one of my favourite parts about having a blog… I love taking the photos and picking the right ones for each post and everything… so fun and creative!

      That all sounds so relaxing… especially baking brownies hehe! Do you have a favourite movie to watch with your family? My family’s favourite is Cheaper By The Dozen for sure!

      Oh thank you, yes, do look into their ministry if you get a moment, it’s so encouraging and uplifting! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My favorite movies are The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Zootopia, so I love watching those with my family. Here Comes The Boom is another family favorite!

    I haven’t seen Cheaper By the Dozen, but I absolutely loved the book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh I love Zootopia too, my sisters and I love watching that with our cousins… great for family movie night!!

      So whilst my favourite movie ever is Cheaper By The Dozen I still haven’t read the book, I really need to get around to that haha! 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely post! The photos are great!

    Even though you were self isolating, it looks like you made the best out of it!!

    That dessert you have looks delish! I’m all for yummy desserts, lol. Your coffee looks good, too, even though I don’t drink coffee.

    I hope that all is well with you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Haley!

      Yes, I didn’t get too sick so I tried to make the most of spending a week in my room!

      Haha, thanks, the little cake was pretty good!

      Hope all is well with you too!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The wilted rose sounds amazing! Congratulations on getting to be a part of the team. I had no idea you were sick- very happy to hear you’re well and have made a full recovery. These things can be scary, especially if you anticipate being out of action for a while!

    This was such a fun day in the life and really inspired me. Love your little coffee snaps with the latte art! Too cute. Your avo toast looks amazing as well! I was on holiday a few years ago and had this amazing avocado toast with blistered vine ripened cherry tomatoes. Such a unique flavour combo! And of course you’ve got the cutest pup! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Maryam, they’re a great group of girls and it’s so very fun getting to be a part of their ministry!

      I’m glad you liked the day in the life… it was so much fun to make, I’ll definitely be doing it again haha! Oh I love it when you eat something that is just SO good that you remember it for literally years… that avo toast does sound incredible!! xx


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