Instagram Post Dump pt. 2

Happy new week lovely people! I’m back with more mini posts today… if you missed the last dump you can check it out here. I basically just thought it would be fun to share some mini posts from my Instagram that have never made it onto the blog. If you’re not intrested though, that’s okay, I’ll be back on Monday for BLOGMAS DAY 1!!! See you then!!

These past few weeks away I’ve seen some of the prettiest skies as the sun sinks down at the end of the day. I’ve seen summer skies that make my heart sing and bring tears to my eyes when I see how beautiful they are.

I know I said this on stories last night but I really want to emphasize it: the same God who paints the sky with different shades and colors and brush strokes every night is the God who created you. He knows you… every single part of you and HE CALLS YOU BEAUTIFUL. Friend, you are SO beautiful, SO precious and so, SO loved in the eyes of your father.


No words.

There are no words that I could use to tell you what it’s like to have Jesus in your life. There is nothing I could say that would make you able to understand how it feels to wake up EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. knowing that no matter what you’ll face in the day ahead of you, there is nothing you could do or nothing that could happen that would change how loved you are by God.

No, sweet friend, that is something you have to discover for yourself.

You might read my posts and think to yourself, who is this God that Megan talks about? What does she mean about having Jesus in her life?

And I could try to tell you, but no words would be enough.

Having Jesus in your life doesn’t make everything straightforward. It doesn’t make the pain go away, it doesn’t make the suffering stop. Things don’t suddenly make sense. You life’s purpose isn’t suddenly obvious. You’re not suddenly perfect.

No, sweet friend, having Jesus in your life doesn’t make it easy… but I can tell you this: it sure makes it worth it.


The other day, I was flipping through some of my old journals and I found a page I had designed (wayyy back at the beginning of 2020) with this C.S. Lewis quote on it:

‘God allows us to feel the fragility of human love so that we’ll appreciate the strength of His.’

Wow. Let that sink in.

As I re-read that page it struck me how fickle human love can so often be. Friendships end. Couples break up. Family members leave. People who love us hurt us. We hurt people we love. And when things like these happen, we’re left feeling damaged and heart-broken. We’re left with a desire for something more… something better… a love less fragile… a love like Jesus!

The beginning of 1 John 3:16 says, ‘This is how we know what love is, Jesus Christ laid down His life for us.’

Friend, as Jesus hung up on that cross, He performed the greatest act of love ever. Jesus died so that we might be made right with God, so that we could become a part of His family and so that we might know true love. Sweet friend, THAT is what love really is.

Jesus’ love is the best kind of love. It’s a sacrificial kind of love. A forgiving kind of love. An unconditional kind of love. A forever-and-always, no-matter-what kind of love. It’s the kind of love that doesn’t give up. It’s the kind of love that never stops chasing. It’s the kind of love that keeps. on. loving. always.

Friend, you might be hurting. You might feel empty. You might want to feel completely loved for just you for the first time in your life. However you feel, Jesus is the answer.

If you want to know what love REALLY is, all you need to do is look to Jesus.


To the girl.

To the girl who lies awake at night wondering if things will ever get better, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who stares at her shoes during gym class, hoping this time she won’t get picked last, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who tries to shrink into the shadows, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who can’t understand why she isn’t good enough for her parents, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who doesn’t know why nobody wants to be friends with her, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who looks in the mirror and tears up at what she sees, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who doesn’t know if she’ll be able to get out of bed the next morning, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who eats lunch by herself every day, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who makes plans after school just so that she doesn’t have to go home, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who wears long sleeves year round to cover up her scars, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who feels like a piece of her heart is missing, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who tells her friends ‘I ate earlier’ so that they don’t catch on to the fact she hasn’t been eating, YOU ARE SEEN.

To the girl who doesn’t know if she can hold on much longer, YOU SO ARE SEEN.

To the girl, YOU ARE SEEN.

You are seen, and you are loved. You are loved by the God of the entire universe. The very same God who knit you together, strand by strand, in your mother’s womb and filled you with intention and purpose He loves you, and you are HIS.

You may not agree with me. Or you may not believe me. You may think that the God I believe in is just a fairy tale; a fantasy. But whether you think God is real or not, I pray with every single fiber of my being that you, sweet, gorgeous, precious girl, know that you are loved.

You are loved beyond measure.


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  1. YAY, another one of these lovely dumps! XD *reads post* (omigoodness, I loved this. -> “No, sweet friend, having Jesus in your life doesn’t make it easy… but I can tell you this: it sure makes it worth it.” So true, my friend!) I love your gems of wisdom, Megan! 😅

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