Christmassy Weekend in the Life


OH MY GOODNESS ITS FINALLY HERE!!! Happy Monday friends, and happy blogmas day 1!!! Eeeek, I have been waiting SO long for this day, you don’t even know, so what better way to kick it off than a Christmassy weekend in the life!!

This weekend has been JAM PACKED but so much fun; it’s been the best way to get in the holiday spirit so I wanted to bring you along with me!!

The craziness kicked off on Friday evening when me and my family went to pick out our Christmas tree (via Starbucks of course!) Every year we go to this cute little farm shop where they have them precut and you can walk around and pick whichever one you want. We chose ours pretty quickly, and they packaged it up for us and we took it home!

Saturday morning my mom made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we ate togehter as a family, which was so nice. Then we decorated out Christmas tree before my dad and my sister had to go out. My mom and I walked the dog and we collected some foliage along the way for wreath making (keep reading…)

When we got home, I baked some white chocolate and candy cane cookies which was fun, and also put some oranges in the oven to dry. For most of the rest of the afternoon I just hung out and pottered around.

In the evening, I met up with a family friend of ours and a bunch of her friends to do a wreath making ‘class’ which was super fun… we made Christmas wreaths, listened to Chirsmtas music and ate food together! It was such a great evening, and I came out of it with a beautiful, green wreath!

Sunday I had to work, so I wasn’t able to go to Church. 😦 I also didn’t get up to anything that Christmassy, but I finished off some bits for blogmas and got ready for the week. I also did some skincare and finished the night by reading a few pages of my book, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. Then I hopped into bed and that was about it for my weekend!

white peppermint mocha ❤
farm shop
pure excitement
cinnamon rolls…
… and coffee
final product
leaf collecting walk
cookies: in progress
cookies and dried orangaes batch 1
wreath supplies
my wreath!
tree shaped doughnut
dinner: grapes and noodles
before bed reading

That’s pretty much it, friend! I had so much fun this weekend, getting in the swing of the season and getting ready for Christmas! Less than two weeks to go… how mad! I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of what I’ve been up to but tell me down below, what have you been doing to get into the holiday spirit?

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8 thoughts on “Christmassy Weekend in the Life

  1. So looking forward to frequent posts from you Megan! What a gorgeous tree. I went to a Christmas store and tree farm with my mum and brother the other day. We were keen to find a new bigger tree as we’ve only had a small potted one over the years. Got some new ornaments, awesome multi coloured lights and even an elf on the shelf. I was totally influenced by Instagram on that one, haha. I’ve seen setups where people have the elf making snow angels in flour on the kitchen bench.. so fun to wake up to and always good for a giggle!

    Your wreath is beautiful and so unique. Dried oranges make a great addition to festive decor and taste delicious in baking and teas! x

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    1. I’m so glad you’re looking forward to this too, lovely Maryam! Agh you’ll have to share how you decorate for Christmas, especially some of your elf on the shelf ideas hahah!! So fun! We’ve never had a particularly massive tree either, but we get a nice 5ish foot one and then set it on a chest to make it taller. Yes, I’m looking to make some drinks with dried oranges and cinnamon maybe, so festive!! xx


  2. AHHHHHHHH MEGAN!! I’ve been not so patiently awaiting you blogmas!! I am so incredibly excited to read all of your posts! And that wreath loveeeeeeeee, it’s GORGEOUS!!! Seems like it was such a fun weekend!

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