What I’m Reading This Christmas


Christmas break is the perfect time to catch up on two things: reading and watching. If you saw blogmas day 6 you’ll know all my favourite Christmas movies and be up to everything I’m watching currently but I thought it would be fun to share what’s on my reading list too!

So here you are… blogmas day 9: what I’m currently reading.

Personally, I can not stand reading more than one book at a time so this is going to sound reeeaally hypocritical but I actually have 5 (yes, you read that right, 5) books on the go currently!

In all fairness, two of them are poetry books so they don’t require too much attention: How Far You Have Come by Morgan Harper Nichols and also The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse by Charlie Mackesy. Both of these books are so beuatiful and uplifting; the perfect reads for a few light pages before bed.

A friend of mine actually gave me How Far You Have Come for my birthday and I have been loving it so much; each page is filled with beautiful art work and somehow even more beautiful words. MHN’s poems are laced with wisdom and come with the reminder that it’s okay to still be growing and healing; she reminds us that we are all travellers in this world.

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse is another beautiful book about the beauty of growth and friendship, how it’s okay to make mistakes, and how a slice of good cake can fix just about any problem imaginable! The story follows the story of the four main charecters so it makes the most sense to read in in order, but there are wise words and thoughts on every page too. I’ve read this book a bunch of times since my grandma gave it to me a couple birthdays ago and I feel like I learn something everytime I read it!

This next book isn’t actually one of the five I’m currently reading- I finished it about a month ago- but it was so moving and stunning that I actually couldn’t leave it out. I remember writing about Anne Frank’s Diary in the blogmas announcment post I did a while back and saying that it was hard to find words to describe a book like that one. I still don’t have any words for it but I think that if you haven’t read it, you should add it to your list for sure because of how real and moving it is. This was definitely a book I will never forget.

Another current read is the brilliantly fantastic The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer… so wise, so challenging and so practical too, it gets right to the heart of the problem and gives some practical advice on how to get rid of hurry from every aspect of our lives.

The final two of the five are John Grisham’s The Rooster Bar- I love a good thriller any day and I will churn through this in a few days which is always perfect for a bit of light reading over the Christmas break- and Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall… you gotta love that futher reading. I say that, although this particualr book is actually really interesting, I love learning more about how literally phyiscal geogrpahy shapes all things from international relations to economies and the political scene of a nation. So fascinating!!

Friend, there you have it, the (slightly random) spread of everything I’m reading right now. One of my goals for 2021 is to get back into reading a little bit more, so if you have any suggestions for me, be sure to drop ’em down below and I’ll be sure to check them out! But if not, happy reading!!

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    1. yes haha totally didn’t realize i never posted yesterday’s post until it was today whoopsie but we’re back on track now… phew! but thank you Allie!! yes you should totally check out MHN, I also follow her on instagram if you use that, she posts beautiful artwork there too!! ❤

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