Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus


Today, I opened the 23rd and second to last door on my Advent calendar and picked out the chocolate heart behind it. Tomorrow is the last day of Advent.

Advent means ‘coming’.

Once upon a time, many years ago, a baby was coming. And that is what we remember at Christmas. We remember the mother’s delight when she found out she was pregnant with a baby boy. We remember the angel’s song of praise as they delivered good news of great joy. We remember the shepherd’s excitement when they saw what they had heard was true. We remember the wise men who travelled long and far because they knew how special the baby was. And we remember and marvel at the miracle of the incarnation; God in human form, come to restore all that was broken.

That is what Christmas is really about, and whilst I might have fun getting all festive and ‘christmassy’ with blogmas, I pray that both you and I, friend, would not forget the truth behind what we celebrate.

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Here are my favourite posts that have helped me do that:

Advent means ‘coming’.

Friend, as you get wrapped up in the festivities and the celebrations and the carols and the chocolates and the gifts and the cards, don’t forget that. Don’t forget that the true meaning of Christmas lies not under the tree but in a manger in a stable, one starry night over two thousand years ago. Don’t forget that this advent period we have been in has not been about opening doors to find chocolates and candies but about waiting expectantly and remembering quietly the promised Saviour who arrived on earth that very first Christmas.

He is coming.

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