Life Lately + Summer Photo Dump

Happy Wednesday friend! Not me posting two weeks in a row… look at me go! Anyway, I hope you’re doing good and having a cool September so far, crazy to think it’s bascially autumn now (although I’m gonna stick with the astronomical seasons and say it’s summer until Sept 22, that way my birthday is technically a summer bday).

I took a chunk of time off when school got really busy last spring and then I wasn’t able to blog quite as much as I thought I would be over summer but I’m hoping to be a lil more consistent this coming year, starting with a recap of my summer!

Last summers photo dump is still one of my favorite posts to date, so I thought I’d share a similar thing but from this summer. I seriously took over 2000 photos this summer so it was crazyyy difficult to pick what to share with you guys, but here’s a few snapshots of my favortie moments and people from this summer!

this app has taken over my life and if you’re not on the trend you NEED to hop on it
ate this ALL summer long
annual cousins beach pic
jesus is so cool
wish they made ice cream like this in the uk….
tried ALL WEEK LONG to catch a fish… best moment of my life when I did
drink of the summer
mines the m&m one… obviously
see you next summer ❤

That’s just a lil’ photo dump from this summer… we had a really awesome trip to Michigan to see our family. The weather was lovely, the food just hits different and we had so much fun on the lake. The first couple of weeks we spent visiting friends and fam then the third and final week we headed out to a cottage on a little lake which was so much fun. Kayaking, swimming and hammoking all day, every day for a whole week! I was super duper sad to have to head back to the UK at the end… but until next summer I guess. When we got back to London we had a couple weeks before school started up again so we rushed to get back into routine; I worked a little, caught up with some friends, procrastinated doing any studying.

This first week back at school has been pretty full on but it hasn’t been too bad, I’ve been trying to make the most of little things like walking the pup, making breakfast, and reading new books. I’m so glad to be back to the blog, lets catch up down below!

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10 thoughts on “Life Lately + Summer Photo Dump

      1. Ahh that’s still great! My summer was pretty chilled, I spent the first few days on a staycation and then I just really had R&R time! 😆


  1. MEGAN I LITERALLY LOVE SEEING YOUR PHOTOS OF THIS SUMMER🥰🥰🥰 literally looked so fun, glad you had the best time!! and seriously be real is AMAZING LOVE IT xxxxx 💗❤️😘

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  2. Seems like you made some amazing, fun memories this summer! I hope your school year continues to go well. Also, my favorite pic was probably the one with the heart around the sun. ❤️🌅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it was so lovely, thank you Heidi! Oh yes, the heart one was a recreation of one my sister and I took a few summers back and when we saw the sun like that we thought we should recreate it!!

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