Answered Prayers

The cabin was a cozy fit for all eighteen of us plus four adults, but we made it work. It was nestled in a kind of clearing in a forest and during the day the younger kids would explore, running past the fire pit and into the parts of the woods where the trees grew taller and closer together. The mornings were crisp, the first time we left the lodge each day we could look up through the trees and see the grayish autumn sky, bordered by leaves in a myriad of reds, oranges and browns. I took my coffee out there the first morning and the chilly air woke me up almost as much as my steaming mug did. 

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Current Life Soundtrack

Okay wow, this post is sooo long overdue, I’ve had some kind of a current playlists post in the works since literally the begining of summer but I’ve only just this past week gotten around to mushing it all together to create this!

Recently I had to write an essay about literally anything, and I chose to write it about my different spotify playlists and how they relate to all my favorite different areas of my life, things like my love for exploring, creativity, family, church, so on and so forth. Anyway, it got me to thinking how special some of my favorite songs are to me, especially the ones the remind of people and places that feel a whole other world away, so I just had to finish this post!

If you wanna see even more of my all-over-the-place playlists, here’s my spotify. But otherwise scroll for everything I’m currently listening to!

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17 Things I Learned Aged 17

Last week I started my final year of school. I’m sorry… WHAT?! It honestly feels like two minutes ago I was finishing year 6 and feeling oh-so grown up. And it honestly doesn’t feel much longer ago that I was having my reception induction day either… crazy how time flies when you’re having fun and growing up.

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Life Lately + Summer Photo Dump

Happy Wednesday friend! Not me posting two weeks in a row… look at me go! Anyway, I hope you’re doing good and having a cool September so far, crazy to think it’s bascially autumn now (although I’m gonna stick with the astronomical seasons and say it’s summer until Sept 22, that way my birthday is technically a summer bday).

I took a chunk of time off when school got really busy last spring and then I wasn’t able to blog quite as much as I thought I would be over summer but I’m hoping to be a lil more consistent this coming year, starting with a recap of my summer!

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Happy Bday Blog Baby + More

TWO YEARS. I’m sorry… WHAT???

Hey friends, wow it’s been a min! I almost don’t know where to start… I have so much to catch you all up on from the past six months. I’ve been writing content on and off this summer but haven’t gotten anything ready enough to post until just now, and I thought the blog bday was the perfect oppotunity to hop on and catch up!

Honestly having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Not So Perfect has existed for two entire years! We made this cutsie lil cake to celebrate, so cue the bday pics:

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A Week In My Life: Spring Trip

Happy April, friends! How are you doing? How’s life? What’s new? The weather here in London is slowly warming up and spring has arrived for sure. I’ve done a few life updates recently but it’s been a hot min since I’ve shared a week in my life, and I think I mentioned recently that I’ve been wanting to bring back the lifestyle content, so here we are!

We’ve been off school this week and last and last week my fam took a trip to Yorkshire which was super lovely, we did a ton of walking and hiking which we all (especially the pup) enjoyed. We watched loads of movies, played lots of games, and relaxed a bunch… it was so nice to have a break from every day life and to be outside so much too! So here ya go, a week (away with me) in my life!

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Art Dump + a Rant

Happy spring, friends! How are you doing? How’s life? How’s the weather? It feels like its been a hot minute… I’ve missed the past couple of Wednesday’s but I thought it would be fun to show you what I’ve been creating recently… I’ve been loving using brighter colours and popping contrasts, I feel like they match my energy at the moment so that’s fun.

I don’t know if you remember but my first post this month was a lil’ life catch up and a few current faves… I felt like I needed to get you guys up to speed on life since I’d been gone for so long haha. At the start of the post I had a little ‘real talk’ section and a few of you mentioned you were fans, so I’m bringing it back for this post… but if you’re not interest in what I have to say just scroll for some cute art 😉 ❤

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Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls love their body. They love their shape and their curves. Their love their eyebrows and the shape of their lips and the way their ears stick out. They know that bloated stomachs and smile wrinkles and acne and B.O. are normal. They feel confident with their stretch marks and their body hair. They don’t tear themselves down, they build themselves up and fall in love with every wrinkle, every crevice, every mark on their body. They don’t compare themselves to others because they know that everyone is beautiful in their own way. They don’t let the number on the scale have more power over them than the words of their Maker and they see the beauty in their body and in all that it can do and they know that they are fearfully and wonderfully created.

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I’m Back…

Wow, okay, I’m BACK! Friends, it has been a HOT minute!! I totally did not plan to take such a long break… or really any break at all, but sometimes the best things in life aren’t planned, and I can tell you… I reeeally needed a rest from blogging. But I’m back now, and hopefully here to stay!

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