My favourite podcasts

During lockdown- back in the days where we couldn’t see anyone outside our ‘bubble’, and we could only go outside once a day- I got really into podcasts and audiobooks. It feels strange to remember those days where we were basically trapped inside- it feels like a whole lifetime away! I am so glad that things are changing now and we’re working towards a ‘new normal’. But anyway, I listened to a ton of podcasts and audiobooks and I thought it would be fun to a few some of my favourite podcasts with y’all today!

I love listening to podcasts just because they’re so fun but the four I’ve listed below are honestly so much more than just chit-chat podcasts. They’re all faith based and have reminded me of so many truths that have helped me in my faith journey. They women hosting them so are insightful, humble and inspirational; their podcasts are such a blessing to me. So have a read of my current favourites below and if anything catches your eye, I really suggest you give it a try!

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50 Things To Do This Fall

For about the last three weeks here in London it has done nothing but rain. Rain, rain, rain… rain and more rain! It’s pretty miserable, but hey- what can you do? Lots of plans of mine have been rained off- or I’ve gone ahead with them and come home soaked to the bone!

So anyway, I got to thinking about some seasonal things I can do to cheer up inside, even if I can’t go outside much. I made a pretty long list, and I’m going to share it with you- my 50 things (plus one extra one because I simply couldn’t resist) to do this fall! I did end up including a bunch of outdoor ones too because I figured that not everywhere in the world is miserable and wet right now!

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Peanut Butter Breakfast Muffins

Muffins are one of the tastiest things ever (besides s’mores and cookies and a bunch of other things, of course), so what in the world could be better than a super delicious muffin that is so healthy you can eat it for breakfast!? Nothing- you’re right!

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Finding God in the Wilderness

This past summer, my family and I took a trip to north Wales. It was possibly the wettest holiday I have ever been on! Over the seven days that we were there, we were stuck inside for two entire days and spent a lot of other time inside because we couldn’t brave the wind and the rain.

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How to Make a Blackboard Wall

At the beginning of the summer, my dad and I (well mainly my dad haha) painted one of the walls in my bedroom with black chalk paint to make it a chalk wall! Since doing that, I’ve had so much fun doing artwork on it and just doodling all over it, so I thought it would be fun to share how to paint a chalk wall (or any other kind of chalkboard) with you guys!

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I Am Who You Say I Am

A habit I’ve developed over the past couple of months is to speak words of truth over myself. I get it- that sounds pretty weird. But hear me out, okay?

Since I’ve started Not So Perfect, I’ve felt like I’ve had to put myself ‘out-there’ a bit more and make myself more vulnerable. I’ve also been more active on social media- something which can be difficult at the best of times. And although I’m pretty confident about myself, I’m definitely not perfect by any standards, and so, at times, it’s been tough.

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Morning Routine

I am the exact definition of a morning person. Even when I’m off school, on holiday or on a weekend, you will scarcely find me asleep past 6.30 am. Sure, I like to stay in bed for another half hour or sometimes even more, but once I’m awake, I’m up! I’ve never been able to understand how people can stay in bed until 8 or 9am- or later! Honestly, it mystifies me!!

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Tips for Clear Skin

I am a firm believer that women do not need makeup of any kind to look beautiful or to feel confident. Don’t get me wrong- I have nothing against makeup at all, and no problem with wearing it. On the contrary, I think it’s pretty cool and fun. But what I don’t like is how some girls and women often feel like they have to wear it to look pretty or feel confident.

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October Bullet Journal

It’s my favourite time of the month again- bullet journal time!

Unlike some people, I like to lay out my bullet journal for the entire month just before it starts. This is because it means that I will definitely never be behind if I have a busy week- all I need to do is fill in my mood tracker, habit tracker and diary entry each day without worrying whether or not I have everything laid out already. This method creates for a very stress-free month of bullet journaling and makes it very flexible as to how many additional pages I do in my journal each month.

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