Art Dump + Current Playlist


happy haPPY HAPPY 8 days until Christmas!! Oh my goodness, the holiday season feels likes it’s disapearing so fast! We got done with school for Christmas break yesterday and I am so excited for the next couple of weeks… I have so much fun stuff coming up and what harm could half a month off school do anyone??!

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My Favourite Christmassy Drink Recipes


I love cups. Well, more specifically, I love drinking things out of different mugs and glasses and jars… ask my mom and she’ll roll her eyes and tell you I ask for a new mug or water bottle or glass just about every time Christmas or my birthday rolls around.

The other thing I love is making fun drinks to go inside my mugs. Coffee, tea, smoothies, juices, flavoured water, I love it!! I tend to drink the same favourite drinks year round but this autumn/winter I have been experimenting with a few new ones, so I thought I’d share my three favourites!

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Decorate for Christmas With Me!


You know Christmas has truly started when the house starts to look all festive! We’ve been decorating ever since the weekend when we put our tree up and our home finally looks all cosy and wintery!

For me at least, decorating my house and room is really the point in December when I start to feel actually ready for Christmas, so how could I not share my favourite decorations as a part of blogmas??

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A Not So Perfect Q+A


Can you believe,I’m over a year into this little blog ministry of mine and I’ve never done a Q&A!? Well, that’s all about to change because, with it being the first time doing blogmas, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity!

I saw a few blogger friends do posts similar to this a while back and I thought it was such a brilliant way to get to know a bit more about them and their blogs, so I thought, ‘hey, why not do one here too!?’

So here we are, blogmas day 2: A Not So Perfect Q&A!

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Christmassy Weekend in the Life


OH MY GOODNESS ITS FINALLY HERE!!! Happy Monday friends, and happy blogmas day 1!!! Eeeek, I have been waiting SO long for this day, you don’t even know, so what better way to kick it off than a Christmassy weekend in the life!!

This weekend has been JAM PACKED but so much fun; it’s been the best way to get in the holiday spirit so I wanted to bring you along with me!!

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Instagram Post Dump pt. 2

Happy new week lovely people! I’m back with more mini posts today… if you missed the last dump you can check it out here. I basically just thought it would be fun to share some mini posts from my Instagram that have never made it onto the blog. If you’re not intrested though, that’s okay, I’ll be back on Monday for BLOGMAS DAY 1!!! See you then!!

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So Much To Be Grateful For

My house smells delicious. Well, it’s about to anyway. Since everyone in my family will be working or at school tomorrow, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving at the weekend instead of on the actual day.

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Life Update + An Announcement

Heyo, happy Wednesday, friends!

How are you doing? What’s new with you?

I’ve been keeping very busy recently; I’ve had lots going on with school, I’ve been babysitting and working a lot and I feel like I’ve had lots of little extra things on too… lots of seeing friends, lots of rushing here, there and everywhere and lots of essays to write, haha! But I like being busy, so I’ve been well!

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Beautiful, Beautiful

There’s this tree across the street from my window. Its leaves are fairly small, but their bright colour makes up for their size; they’re a vibrant green. As the season has been slowly shifting, the leaves are slowly starting to change too… there are now golden specks and a plethora of oranges and rubies hidden amongst the still-vibrant summer leaves. That tree has been across the street outside my window for as long as I’ve lived in this house, certainly for as long as my desk has been sat in the window, and yet I’ve never noticed it quite like I did today. The light was hitting it just right and the sky above it was like a beautiful backdrop, such a bright blue and with the clouds moving so quickly.

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