This Is the Day pt. 2

When I wrote and published the first part to this post, there were 30 days left in the year. Now there are only 22. Time is ticking into next year, and I feel an insuperable urge to really make the most of these last 22 days… to make each day count and to live without regrets, finishing off this year on a high.

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This Is the Day

30 days left in 2020. Can you believe it?!?! I know for one I can’t!

This year has gone so fast, I can still vividly remember December 31st, 2019. My family and I were spending a couple nights with friends we visit every New Years. The five of us girls were eagerly awaiting midnight; watching movies, playing games and taking funny selfies with the Snapchat ‘New Years’ filters on them. We were all excited to count down to the new year… the new decade! We were all certain it was going to be a good year.

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How to Throw a Stunning Breakfast Banquet

Freshly baked muffins… meats… fruit salad… steamy scrambled eggs… fresh smoothie… ripe and juicy avocado… home-baked bread- have you heard of a breakfast more delicious? I sincerely doubt it!

Breakfast is one of the three best meals of the day (yes, I know 😉) and I don’t think I could love it more, especially one with a never-ending spread of more and more goodness. A delicious, nourishing meal with a cacophony of exotic flavours? Yes please!

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A Thought for Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and things are beginning to get festive!

In our house alone my mom has ordered fabric for my sister to make seasonal bunting, and this morning I went out to buy a pumpkin for my Thanksgiving centrepiece. In the UK, Thanksgiving isn’t a public holiday, but in the US where it is, I’m sure people have begun the Thanksgiving food shop and are preparing to start cooking in a couple of days’ time!

All this makes me almost giddy with excitement for my favourite holiday of the year and the tastiest meal ever! I love how Thanksgiving isn’t about presents or lights or even church- like Christmas is- but how it’s simply about sitting around the table as a family, sharing what we’re thankful for and enjoying the most delicious meal of the year.

This Thanksgiving will most likely be a little different for lots of people though.  2020 has been kinda crazy, and that’s probably going to mean that many people won’t be able to visit friends and family, or see as many people as normal.

I was thinking about this, and how Thanksgiving celebrations aren’t the first thing Covid has messed up for me… or for anyone. When January dawned, I had great plans for this new year to be ‘the best year of my life so far’ but it soon became apparent that those things weren’t going to play out like I’d hoped. School stopped, we were stuck at home for Easter, Church was via zoom and summer (best season ever) was practically cancelled!

Maybe a couple of my plans for the year didn’t work out. But God’s plans are so much bigger than mine, and I can count a number of ways which God has been working in my life through the pandemic. And through it all, we have so much to be grateful for. God pours an abundance of blessings into my life… more than I deserve… I just need to pay attention and be thankful.

Even in the everyday, there is a million things to be thankful for. Waking up. The sunrise. Breakfast. Tea and coffee. Pets. Seeing friends. Education or a job. A home. Family. The sun. The rain. Fresh air. Warm heaters. Electricity. Clothes. Coffee shops. Lunch. Walks outside. Chocolate. Snacks. Fresh fruit. Music. Teachers. Stationary. Books. Dinner. Hot milk. Fireworks. Movie nights. PJ’s. Socks. The moon. Getting a good nights’ sleep.

I know that for me, when I take a moment to think about all these seemingly everyday things, I feel blown away but how much I have to be grateful for. I feel blessed beyond measure, I just need to look up and realise it.

So this Thanksgiving, even if you’re not American and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to encourage you to take a moment to reflect on some things you’re thankful for and praise God for his goodness and provision.

‘Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his love endures forever.’ Psalm 107:1


Cosy Evening Routine

Imagine this… you’re wrapped up all cosy and warm in your favourite chair, a facemask on, drinking some warm tea or hot chocolate and watching your favourite Netflix show, with a lovely candle burning in the background. As far as a relaxing evening goes for me, there is little I love more than being all cosy and snug watching Netflix (probably Glee) and treating myself to a refreshing facemask.

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You’re Gonna Be Okay

A little while back, I was listening to some music on Spotify, and this one song came on. It was one I had heard before, but not in a while, and it was definitely not on the playlist I had on, so I was a bit surprised to hear it. But I listened to it once, and I found myself listening to it again and again. It was such a beautiful and peaceful song- not the kind of thing I normally listen to- but I kept playing it over and over.

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When you’ve had a bad day…

The other day, I arrived home from school, totally shattered. My day hadn’t been going my way, right from the word go. I had had bad news first thing in the morning, I didn’t feel too good, I was in a rush to leave the house, I was super stressed, my relationships with some of my friends were a bit off, and I said something I really shouldn’t have said. You get the idea- it wasn’t a great day. At all.

It was also a Friday, so when I got home, I was in a rush to get some blog content ready for the next day. Exhausted and uninspired, I was whiling away some time scrolling through Pinterest when this quote popped up on my feed:

God’s plan for your life far exceeds the circumstances of your day.

Take a moment to let that sink in.

How great is it to remember that? No matter what has happened in your day, God’s plan for you is much, much bigger.

That day, nothing seemed to be going my way. Like- nothing at all. I kept messing up, and I felt like I was losing control of stuff. But, the truth that had been staring me in the face that whole day was that God was so much bigger than all of that.

I thought about it for a while, and the more I thought about it, the more convinced I became of the fact. You see, the thing is, no matter how much we mess up or what it is that we do, God still loves us. He still wants us, and He still calls us His! The other thing I realised was that God is working in my life, even if I don’t see it. He has a plan, and as Romans 8:28 reminds us, God is working in all things for good!

‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’ Romans 8:28 (NIV)

After realising this, my whole perspective had changed. Although I hadn’t had a great day, and although I’d messed up, God still loved me. His love is UNCONDITIONAL- it will never stop loving me, even when the going gets tough.

Like that quote I mentioned at the beginning of this post says- the circumstances of our day do not- in any way- affect God’s plan for our life. God is so much bigger than any bad day that we may have and so much stronger than anything that we may come up against. So, even if you’ve had a bad day, I pray that you would find peace in the knowledge that, no matter what has happened, you have a heavenly father you loves you more than you could ever, ever know, and that you would be comforted by the fact that His plan for your life FAR EXCEEDS the circumstances of your day.


Whipped Aquafaba Facemask

Have you heard of aquafaba? Well, I hadn’t until a couple weeks ago, but now I know what it is, I’m completely in love! Like seriously, it could not be cooler!

Aquafaba is simply a fancy word for the liquid that comes from a can of chickpeas. I know it sounds gross, but trust me, it’s really not that bad! It has a multitude of uses, but it’s main one is as a vegan substitute for egg whites. When whipped up, aquafaba closely mimics what whipped up egg whites would be like, and can therefore be used as a substitute for them in a number of baked goods, for example meringue or macarons.

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A Little Something to Remember This Election Day

Yesterday was… a big day for Americans, to put it simply. How the voters voted will now determine who rules their country for the next five years. And that can seem kind of scary and big. It can feel a little out of control too.

Now, I’m fully aware election day was yesterday- I’m not a day late to the party. I’m not here to discuss the upcoming results or my political opinions at all. No, I’m here to remind you of something that was heavy on my mind yesterday as voters headed out to the polling stations all around the US. Something that is particularly relevant right now because of this important election that has just taken place, but also something that is relevant every day of the year and in every season of life.

Okay, so here’s the truth: God is sovereign over all. Read that again. God is sovereign over ALL! Even on election day… or in the midst of disaster… or during a pandemic, God is still King over it all. There is nothing on earth or in all of Heaven that is more powerful that God. There is no name more powerful than His because He is Lord! What a comforting truth is that?

Psalm 103:19 says that ‘The Lord has established his throne in heaven and his kingdom rules over all.’

I find it so reassuring to be reminded of this truth. Even when it seems so important to us to elect the right person for president and for this country to be in good hands, we can’t forget who is really the ruler over it all. We can’t let this vote and this election become more important to us than living our lives to glorify King Jesus. We can’t begin to idolise the election and worry about the outcome so much that it slowly becomes it more important to us than God. And we absolutely need to remember that, whoever wins the election and whatever happens next, Jesus is still King. Jesus is always King.

John 14:27 reminds us of something else important. ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.’

God is our Heavenly father and can give us peace like nothing else. So, even during the craziness of election day yesterday and now the tenseness of awaiting the results, we mustn’t let this trouble us or scare us. We mustn’t be afraid of the outcome because… whatever the result… He is still Lord.

Blessings, my sweet friends,

My favourite podcasts

During lockdown- back in the days where we couldn’t see anyone outside our ‘bubble’, and we could only go outside once a day- I got really into podcasts and audiobooks. It feels strange to remember those days where we were basically trapped inside- it feels like a whole lifetime away! I am so glad that things are changing now and we’re working towards a ‘new normal’. But anyway, I listened to a ton of podcasts and audiobooks and I thought it would be fun to a few some of my favourite podcasts with y’all today!

I love listening to podcasts just because they’re so fun but the four I’ve listed below are honestly so much more than just chit-chat podcasts. They’re all faith based and have reminded me of so many truths that have helped me in my faith journey. They women hosting them so are insightful, humble and inspirational; their podcasts are such a blessing to me. So have a read of my current favourites below and if anything catches your eye, I really suggest you give it a try!

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