Turn Your Eyes

When we were much younger, my sister and I shared a room. We had these white wooden bunk beds with matching pink patchwork bedding… I slept on the top and she slept on the bottom. Each night, before we would go to bed, my mom would come in to say goodnight and go through our bedtime routine (which was essentially a series of questions, haha.)

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What I’ve Been up to this Summer + Photo Dump!

Friends, I cannot believe it but I’m more than a month into my summer! How crazy is that!? Summer is 105% my favourite season of the year, and being off school for so long this year makes it even better! I’ve been having so much fun not having to do anything for school, so how could I not do a post about what I’ve been up to and what my upcoming plans are!?

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What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Some years ago I was shopping with my mom and I came across a birthday card with a sequence of three pictures of a giraffe on it. In the top picture, the giraffe had just arrived at a party and had eagerly knocked on the door, holding a present and card. In the second picture, the birthday boy (who happened to be a lion) had squeezed all the other animals behind the door and opened it to tell the giraffe that there was, in fact, no party. And in the last picture, the lion had shut the door and the party had resumed, and the giraffe was walking sadly away from the door. As humorous as this card was probably intended to be, it nearly reduced eleven year old me to tears- I hated the idea of that poor giraffe being turned away because no one liked him enough to invite him to the party.

I still hate the loneliness that the giraffe on the card felt, but what I hate even more is that I’m surrounded by girls- real girls, not cartoon giraffes- to whom loneliness is so real and so painful.

So here it is: this one is for the girl who feels alone.

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How I Study the Bible

Heyo sweet friend! I hope you’re doing so well!

Today’s post is one I have been SO excited about for SO long now… it just took me forever to get my act together and put it to paper! Anyway, I thought it would be so fun to do a post about how I like to study the Word… so here you have it!

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I’m Back! + Little Life Update

Friends, I’m back! After taking a rather spontaneous and unplanned break from blogging and social media as school suddenly got super busy, I have finally returned to blogging!

I’ve been gone the best part of a month, and oh my stars, it’s June now! My, we have a lot of catching up to do! I’ll go first and give you a little life update, but it’s my favourite thing to hear what you have been up to, so make sure to update me on what’s been going on with you in the comments below!!

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Jesus Cares About Your Mental Health

This week is mental health awareness week and in England, 1 in 4 people suffer with mental health conditions each year. Friend, that is a lot of people. It could be the man next to you on the bus; the woman who bagged your groceries; your sibling or you friend. For so, so many people, mental health is a real and raw struggle- it is painful and heavy and exhausting.

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50 Things To Do This Spring

Friends, there is no doubt about it: spring is most certainly in full swing here in London! Trees everywhere are blossoming into pastel shades of pink and white. Bluebells and tulips are pushing their way up out of the ground and into the light. The sun rises early and shines over the early-morning dew on the grass, making everything look golden. And it’s beginning to get just a little bit warmer too!

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Life Update + Photo Dump

Hey, hello and howdy, friends! How are you all doing today? How are you enjoying the beginnings of spring? How have you been doing?

Personally, I’ve been ever so busy with school these past couple of months. These next five or so weeks before I get done for the summer (unusually early this year) and going to be very busy and tiring but I’ve been wanting to do a lil’ life update so I found a spare everything to get to it!

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Trusting God With Our Futures- A Guest Post by Leah

Sweet Friends! Oh my, I have been excited about this post for oh-so long now, and it’s finally here! The brilliant Leah has written for us about trusting God with all aspects of our futures as teenagers- this is a post you DO NOT want to miss! And once you’ve read this post, go give Leah’s blog, Faith Filled You, some love! You can also find her on Pinterest and Instagram, so be sure to check out her pages there too!

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