My Favourite Home School Drinks

Here we are again… back to lockdown and home school. By the time we reached our second lockdown, this was all getting pretty old and I honestly didn’t think we’d be switching back to school from home- but now here we are!

The days feel long, lonely and often boring, especially when I have school from 8.30-3.00, so it’s hardly any surprise that I have trouble staying motivated and on task a lot of the time! To all you year-round home schoolers out there- oh how I admire you and your perseverance!!

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The Importance of Goals

I remember going back to school in January after a Christmas break when I was a lot younger- maybe 7 or 8. We’d come back, excited to see our friends again and with renewed energy, full of stories from over the Christmas break- who got what and who went where. The teachers always took this fresh start as a good opportunity to teach us about resolutions.

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Thoughts On The New Year- A Guest Post by Addie

Happy New Year, sweet friend! Wow- I can hardly believe that it’s a whole new year… 2021! To begin the year off on a high note, the lovely Addie from her blog The Musings of a Teenage Girl is guest posting about transitioning from the past year into this new one. And man… is it an awesome post!!! If you adore reading this as much as I have (and I don’t doubt that you will) head over to check out Addie’s blog… it is full of encouraging messages about all different areas of faith and life! You can also find her on her Instagram page. Now, without further ado, over to Addie!

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The Best Pens for Your Bullet Journal- A Guest Post by Izzy

Heyo everyone! I hope you’re all doing great and enjoying this post-Christmas period, however you may have celebrated. Today’s post is an extra special one- a guest post from my very sweet friend Izzy! I have been so excited for this post to drop and it’s been so hard keeping it a secret… I almost let it slip a couple of times!!! Izzy recently started a super fun youtube channel where she makes videos about bullet journaling- I love watching them, so I thought it would be fun to have her do a post on the topic! You can also find more on her Instagram. I won’t ramble any longer… over to Izzy! 

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50 Things to Do This Christmas

This Christmas has definitely been at least a little different to most others, but some things haven’t changed (like gingerbread making day with the fam!) I know Christmas itself has passed now, but there’s still lots of fun holiday things to do before school and work start back again, or just before the new year! It is often difficult to embrace change of any kind, but keeping a little normality and sticking to a few traditions can make things feel a little less strange.

That’s why I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of 50 things you can do to make the holiday season as Christmassy and cosy as possible!

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Jesus Is the Reason

Decorations. Music. Food. Gifts. Family time. Movies. Shopping. Cards. Trees. Candy. Friends. Stockings. The Christmas season is so full of goodness and happiness that it often passes by in a whir and is over before we know it!

I know for me (being a PK), my Christmas seasons are normally filled with Church- delivering leaflets, decorating the building, filling bags of popcorn, heating mince pies, setting up for services, attending the services, tidying up after the services… you get the idea! And I know this may sound strange (considering the fact I’m basically at Church all Christmas) but I can sometimes get so caught up with everything going on, but I actually forget to dwell on the reason for the season!

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Super Scrummy Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

In the winter, I’m a huge fan of hot chocolates of all flavours and types. Minty… with marshmallows, with cream… hazelnut… gooey… milky… frothy- you name it, I love it! Recently I discovered the most delicious slow cooker hot chocolate recipe, and I was desperate to share it with you!

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Life and Blog update

I’ve been running Not So Perfect for a little over 3 months now and oh, where the time has gone! By now, I think that my first life/blog update is long overdue, so I thought it would be exciting to do a post sharing what’s going on with the blog and what to expect over the next few months.

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This Is the Day pt. 2

When I wrote and published the first part to this post, there were 30 days left in the year. Now there are only 22. Time is ticking into next year, and I feel an insuperable urge to really make the most of these last 22 days… to make each day count and to live without regrets, finishing off this year on a high.

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